Civic Cyclery knows what it takes to be happy and efficient on a bike

Civic Cyclery is owned and operated by Frank Wrzosek, a fervent mountain biker and experienced road cyclist. He has worked in area shops for years and rides with the local clubs. Most weeks, Frank can be found on the trails at Gunpowder or Susquehanna State Park or riding a single speed around the roads.

Cycling has been the single “constant” in Frank’s life since the time he was able to ride independently. For many years, cycling has provided an outlet like no other. Whether for health, fitness, commuting or play, cycling can be a great source of joy and sanity.

Frank has been fortunate to ride and work on a huge variety of cycles, for very different types of people. His experience has given him vast knowledge and experience of biking issues and needs.

There is no other place where Frank feels as comfortable and productive as on a bicycle and/or working on them. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with anyone who enjoys the same or is interested in making biking a part of their lives.